What does February mean to you? Spending Valentine’s Day romancing a loved one, showing your warmth and generosity on Random Act of Kindness Day or enjoying every child’s dream – Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (yes this really is a thing!).

Let’s face it February is a great month for many reasons, it is officially the last month of winter and a leap year, giving us all an extra 24 hours of fun. So let’s seize the day and do all of those things you have been putting off; make that phone call, learn something new, face your fears.

One thing many of us delay is getting our legal affairs in order. Perhaps we don’t have time or think there is no point as solicitors are too busy to sit, listen and explain. At Glanvilles Damant, we understand that people are nervous of solicitors, particularly those who may be elderly, have learning disabilities or experience mobility and sensory difficulties.
We are working to improve our understanding of people’s needs so that we can have meaningful conversations to provide you with a sense of understanding and ultimately empowerment.
We have invested in a range of resources to make appointments easier for you. We have coloured overlays, which have proven useful for those with dyslexia, a hearing device for those hard of hearing and a light up magnifying glass for those who struggle with sight.
Our premises is accessible with meeting rooms on the ground floor, clear corridors and well-lit rooms. We may not have ice cream for breakfast but we can offer you a coffee and a friendly face.
To get your legal affairs in order, with clear and straightforward advice, contact Amy Hosell at Glanvilles Damant Legal Services on 527878 or email [email protected]uk.