An Island charity is auctioning people’s skills today (Sunday) for the next two weeks – so it can continue supporting young Islanders.

Kezi’s Kindness aims to help young people in need via small and discrete ways such as buying them a new coat, some toys or a trip out.

The charity supported 200 children over Christmas and was formed in 2016 in memory of Keziah Flux-Edmonds.

Keziah’s Mother Nikki Flux-Edmonds said:

“The idea came while watching Diagnosis murder, where they were doing a bachelor auction. I thought we can’t auction people but we can auction their skills and a fundraiser was born!

“Island Children are our passion and Island businesses are bringing the smiles.

“Please join us.”

If there is a job you need doing, you can hire an expert with skills ranging from window cleaning, pet/self-pampering, landscape gardening, or even tutoring.

Each skill is offered by a small Island business.

Find out more on its Facebook page – Kezi’s Kindness skill auction 2020.