Photo thanks to Ashley Cooper.

The remains of a 125 million-year-old dinosaur tail have been discovered in a cliff near to Brighstone.

Experts say they believe it is that of an Iguanodon – a herbivore that roamed the early cretaceous period.

What is “likely to be” six vertebrae were found by a local collector, who made the discovery just below Chilton Chine a couple of weeks ago.

Photo thanks to Ashley Cooper.

Oliver Mattsson, from the nearby Dinosaur Expedition Centre, said:

“The conditions of the bone are very worn. It suggests the dinosaur has died and been exposed to the elements for months, maybe even a year or so, before a big flash flood buried it.

“iguanodons are found on every continent on earth, but they’re about 55 million years older than the Triceratops and T-Rex’s of the late Cretaceous dinosaurs in North America.”

Iguanodon bones are often found on the Isle of Wight, and across other continents.

Iguanodon. From Shutterstock.

Oliver says trying to excavate the fossil is “not practical” due to its location underneath an over-hanging cliff.

He is urging Islanders not to try to remove it.