The RAC has been forced to apologise to one of its Isle of Wight members amid claims it no longer has patrols operating on the Island.

However, the company insists it does have Island-wide breakdown recovery vehicles and this was a one-off incident.

When Paul Green, a member of the RAC since 2011, got a flat tyre in Ryde he was allegedly told by a member of staff they “haven’t got any patrols on the Island”.

After a two hour wait, late at night, Paul resorted to changing the tyre himself.

The next day, Paul “issued a complaint” to the firm and asked to “end his membership” but it offered him a free membership instead.

Paul said:

“It’s not really a lot of good having free membership and no RAC on the Island  –  if you’re not going to be here what’s the point of it?”

The RAC told Isle of Wight Radio it uses DH Price as a contractor in addition to its RAC Island-based patrols.

A spokesperson said:

“We’ve apologised to Mr Green and have arranged for a suitable gesture of goodwill to be sent to him. We unfortunately took too long to assign the job to our contractor as our patrols on the island weren’t available.

“We’re disappointed to say this was not the usual high standard of service thousands of customers receive from us every day.”