Iona's Island

Isle of Wight Radio’s Iona Stewart-Richardson has been meeting rescued hedgehogs on the Isle of Wight and the Island charities behind the work.

Episode One Iona’s Island: Hedgehogs Rescued On The Isle Of Wight

Iona is exploring and expanding her knowledge of the Isle of Wight by meeting various people, groups and organisations – to learn more about the incredible work they do on the Island.

In this first episode, Iona meets Tracy Dove at the Isle of Wight Zoo and Will Taylor from Save Our Hedgehogs Isle Of Wight, to learn more about hedgehogs and the ways we can protect them.

WATCH to see the hedgehogs in action…


Find out how to log your hedgehog sighting here.

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Find out more about Save Our Hedgehogs Isle Of Wight and how to donate here.

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