Red Jet 6 Photo: Rick Tomlinson

There are a number of cancellations on the Red Jet this morning (Friday).

The 8.15am from Southampton and the 8.45am from Cowes are cancelled due to technical issues.

Earlier, the 7.15am from Southampton and the 7.45am from Cowes were also off.

*UPDATED 8.40am

*BREAKING TRAVEL UPDATE: We have been told that ALL Red Jet services have been CANCELLED this morning (Friday) until further notice.

Passengers are being sent to the Floating Bridge to get the car ferry across to Southampton.

**UPDATED 10.55am

**Red Jet will resume service from 10.45am from Southampton and 11.15am from Cowes, however will run a one boat service for the remainder of the day due to a technical issue with Red Jet 6.