The son of an Isle of Wight man has been showing off his incredible football skills – and is being dubbed as the next Lionel Messi.

The toddler has been turning heads for his stunning display of football skill with his wand of a left foot.

Teddy Brown is just TWO YEARS OLD!

Teddy is the son of Islander, Ryan Brown, and his fiancee Daisy Webster. Ryan’s family live in Shanklin and Sandown.

They’ve captured the football-mad boy chipping a football into their washing machine and also landing a sweet left-footed shot straight into a child’s basketball hoop.


In the first video, Teddy cheers and laughs when it lands in the empty washing machine, before throwing out a high-five.

Ryan Brown with son, Teddy, and fiancee, Daisy Webster

In the second video, he gets the go-ahead from his mum to try the audacious shot form the landing into the bedroom – which he lands perfectly.

The family live opposite a park, but Teddy is often using the lounge as a place to practice.

His proud parents have set up an Instagram page to show off Teddy’s skills – Teddy.Brown2017

Ryan, who lives in Micheldever, Hampshire, has family on the Isle of Wight and is a regular visitor back.

Ryan Brown with son, Teddy, and fiancee, Daisy Webster

Speaking to Isle of Wight Radio, Ryan said:

“As soon as Ted could walk he was kicking a football. He practices every day, in the house, at the park or at soft play, basically wherever we are!

“We have wasted a lot of money on toys that have never been played with as football!

“We are big Chelsea fans – and they have even put it on their Twitter page which is amazing!”