From left to right: Mayor of Ryde, Michael Lilley and Councillor Wayne Whittle face-off.

Isle of Wight councillors have been going head to head in their annual charity pancake challenge today (Tuesday).

The event, returning for its fourth year, raises money for the Isle of Wight Foodbank.

Mayor of Ryde, Michael Lilley, and Councillor Wayne Whittle took part in the tossing, with both having five minutes to flip as many pancakes as possible.

(Left) Mayor of Ryde, Michael Lilley, and (Right) Councillor Wayne Whittle.

So who battered who, and who was left with egg on their face?

Councillor Lilley managed a respectable 284 but this year’s winner, and retaining his title as the Island’s best pancake tosser, was Councillor Whittle.

He told Isle of Wight Radio:

“I’m still the flipping champion but Michael had a good go… he’s getting on a bit though and that [Mayoral] chain weighs you down a bit!

Councillor Debbie Andre also took part in the challenge.

Competitors did not use real pancakes for fears they would go to waste.

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So far, around £1,200 has been raised for the charity, with donations still coming in.

This year’s challengers!

Councillor Lilley says behind the fun, there is a serious message:

“Wayne and I are actually saying that our wards in Ryde have some of the highest poverty and deprivation on the Island. So every year we’re saying this is not good enough.

“We’re supporting the great work of the volunteers at the Isle of Wight Foodbank… but we should live in a society where we don’t need one.”

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