News updates from Beacon’s regular Central Wight council columnists:

News from Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox

DRAINS COWES GURNARD ESPLANADE: My thanks to Island Roads for the excellent job they did on clearing seaweed that had totally clogged the metal gullies. I know stormy weather may still fill them, but they certainly did a great job after I asked. (10th-15th March)

SPRING CLEAN: Don’t forget the STOREROOM for furniture you no longer want; or for items you do! Excellent plant selection for the home too! (next door, men in sheds.) Check when it’s open again!

COVID 19. My heartfelt sympathies to all those that have lost relatives and friends to this vile sickness.

We are all awaiting news of ‘what happens next’. For sure, life as we knew it, will never return to that. Already there is talk of everyone being made to wear masks outside of home environment. More plastic screens to protect staff at counters. Social distancing to be the norm – no more handshakes or hugs!

As I write this, the IW council helpline 01983 823600 has received over 3,658 urgent calls. Averaging 131 calls a day. Of that, 2,488 were urgent referrals for people needing support. 42% required help with medical issues; 30% required help with shopping.

The SHIELD list that we hear of has 2,366. People are finding a 7-10 day delay in getting help. PLEASE call the 01983 823600 number which is quicker for us to help you.

MENTAL HEALTH: We know a number of people will be suffering during this time. Again call 01983 823600 and there is a whole team of support for any vulnerable people.

FAMILIES: I am interested in how you are coping with home schooling? Bored kids? Food? Going out? Finances? Please can you email me with how you have coped? [email protected]

Most towns and villages have people who can assist (at this time) with shopping, medication, dog walking etc. Again, call the number above and they can put you in touch with the right people.

The IW Community Action team have over 1,500 DBS checked people who can help others. As you can see that would almost be one volunteer for every two people!

I continue to have input and ‘zoom’ meetings weekly to keep me up to speed. Although, also receiving emails (lots) daily!

I enabled a number of business to apply for the government grant regarding business rates. I am currently trying to find out details from the Local Economic Partnership about match funding for business who are able to sell vouchers ahead of the opening of many organisations. I know my hairdresser and garage will do well as soon as we are permitted!

My heartfelt THANKS go out to all those that have continued to go into work. The many CARERS putting themselves at risk daily. The supermarket staff who have kept us fed. The utilities that continue to work, Wightfibre team, BT, Gas, Electric and Water. Some garages have also stayed open to help key workers. Our wonderful bin staff; our colourful Posties trying to keep up with demand. The staff at the council who continued to work and keep the Island going; the Red Funnel and Wightlink staff that continued on operating so that medical staff and key workers could get to and from work. Well done, and thanks to you all.

Roll on 7th May when we have the next review. Fingers crossed some business can re-open (safely), and we can support the recovery.

Meanwhile all of you with longstanding medical issues, stay home, help save your life!
Contact me with any issues: [email protected] or 01983 645765.


News from Cllr Paul Fuller
Councillor for Cowes West and Gurnard.

Seafront Charges for Cowes/ Gurnard Seafront.
I have received confirmation from the IW Council that consultation to charge on Cowes/Gurnard Seafront is on hold during the coronavirus outbreak.

Sail GP
At the time of writing my report, Sail GP are still intending to hold their event during Cowes Week. The site plan, schedule and traffic management plan is due to be shared by organisers after Easter.

Coronavirus Helpline
A helpline has been set up to support residents during the coronavirus outbreak. If you, or somebody that you know requires support please call 01983 823600. The phone line is open 9am-5pm, 7 days a week.

English Coastal Path: Isle of Wight Section
For details visit: Consultation continues until 12th May.

Carriageway Resurfacing
I have been advised that the remaining sections of Crossfield Avenue, Egypt Hill and Park Road is due to be resurfaced in this year’s programme. As yet no date has been arranged for Worsley Road.

Annual Reports
These have been distributed to all local residents. Hard copies are also available from Cowes Library, whilst electronic versions are available on my website see: If you have not received yours please let me know.

Sewage Discharged into the Sea from outfall
Following a call from a local resident this was reported with action taken. In recent weeks I have spoken to individuals about the issue of private outfalls and the impact this has upon our rivers, sea and environment.

Rights of Way Audits
The Ramblers Association and the Rights of Way Department are seeking volunteers to check rights of way each year. Please let me know if you are interested.

Please contact me: By Post to: 45 Oxford Street, Northwood, Cowes, Isle of Wight. PO31 8PT.
Telephone: 01983 289595 (24 hours)/ 07 935 090 835 (Mobile &Text);
Email: [email protected]
Please visit my website: