Here’s the latest in our series to help keep the kids busy at home – and this time, we’re making stick art!

As usual, we’ve done our best to try and feature easy to complete activities that make the most of the things you have lying around the house – or nearby!

We’ve also tried to keep the as cheap as possible (or even better, free… because come on, who doesn’t love free stuff!).

Things you’ll need:

  • Sticks, twigs, and maybe some leaves
  • Sticky tape
  • Paper
  • Scissors

Lets make it!

  1. Head out into the garden and gather some sticks and leaves – you could even do this on your daily exercise! Remember to wash your hands after handling things you’ve found outside!
  2. Start by coming up with an idea of what to ‘draw’ – or go freestyle, it’s upto you!
  3. Lay out the sticks that you’ve gathered up so you can see all their shapes and sizes.
  4. Take a stick, and bend it, cut it, or snap it into size to help create your picture! Get an adult or a responsible person to help you if you’re cutting the sticks!
  5. Using sticky tape, stick down the sticks that you’ve arranged on to the paper so your art stays in one piece!
  6. Pin it up and show it to the world!